With a network of around 750 Fellows from 95 countries, the Atlas Corps family is growing every day. It is time to look back and to showcase the achievements of our amazing Alumni. Today we want to talk with our Alumna Rehema Namukose (Class 14, Uganda, Host: Women Deliver).

Name: Rehema Namukose

Home Country: Uganda

Current Organization: Re!gnite Africa

Role at current organization: Founder & Team Leader

Social Issue have you worked with: Quality education, Decent work and economic growth

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional accomplishments?

Atlas Corps accelerated my professional journey at the international level. I was able to acquire knowledge, skills, and experience of working in multi-cultural groups and settings at the global level throughout the fellowship and the next three years that followed after. It’s taken me less time to move up the career ladder now that I am back home, with this international experience. Additionally, serving for one year as an Atlas Corps Fellow earned me a tuition scholarship at SIT Graduate Institute for a Master’s degree. It gave me ground to dream and start my young adults’ focused organization, Re!gnite Africa, currently tackling unemployment in Uganda today.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your personal accomplishments?

There is a certain level of self awareness everyone achieves only by living away from home. During my time on the fellowship, I got introduced to the idea of discovering my true self; the things that excite me, my comfort zone and how to achieve growth out of it, my strengths and weaknesses, etc. It was the beginning of a journey of self actualization that has enabled me achieve my fullest potential, and I am grateful for this unique journey. It’s from this personal journey to self discovery that I gained clarity on the type of change I wanted to make in my community i.e. working with and for youths, especially young women; enabling them to achieve their fullest potential. I came back home in 2015 more confident and determined to start my nonprofit organization that has directly changed the lives of over 300 young adults and leaders, and impacted over 5000 people all over Uganda and beyond.

As an Atlas Corps Alumni, how are you a better social change leader?

I understand servant leadership better now, and I value service of others better with the Atlas Corps experience achieved. Additionally, I am more globally connected to a community of like-minded individuals passionate about changing the world and doing good for others.

What is your favorite Atlas Corps memory?

The social outings and gatherings during Global Leadership Labs, especially the Karaoke and Friday nights to the African club in DC!

What advice do you have for applicants and incoming Fellows?

You have what it takes. Pray the stars align into your favor for this memorable journey with different change makers from different parts of the world. Treat this like any other job/professional development opportunity and prepare for interviews accordingly. Be confident in the value and experiences you bring (offer) from your home country to your (future) host organization. Don’t forget you are bring something to the table. The Atlas Corps journey is a good exercise in advocacy as a leadership tool. Learn to speak out/for your self in every community you will live in during your Atlas Corps journey.

More about Atlas Corps

Atlas Corps partners with mission-driven organizations (nonprofit, private, and government) to facilitate a professional exchange program for the world’s best emerging social change leaders to live and serve in the United States for a 12-month Fellowship. The Atlas Corps network currently includes more than 750 professionals from 95 countries who have served at 300 organizations.

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