With a network of around 775+ Fellows from 96 countries, the Atlas Corps family is growing every day. It is time to look back and to showcase the achievements of our amazing Alumni. Today we want to talk with our Alum Aziz (Pakistan, Class 31, Host: The Resolution Project).

After serving as an Atlas Corps Fellow with The Resolution Project in New York City, Aziz returned home to Pakistan to continue his work with The Center for Awareness Training and Development and to begin a new role as a Lead Trainer at Facebook. Congratulations to Aziz! We wish him all the best with his exciting and impactful work!

Name: Aziz Ullah

Home Country: Pakistan

Current Organization: Facebook and Center for Awareness Training and Development (CATD)

Role at current organization: Lead Trainer at Facebook and Director at CATD

Social Issues that you have worked with:
Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Quality Education



What are some major highlights of your professional journey since you have finished the Fellowship?

The first has to be becoming a Lead Trainer at Facebook, a dream come true for me. The second is generating four times more revenue for my company, Center for Awareness Training and Development since I have returned compared to when I was away. And the third highlight has been growing my professional network. I had to leave the organization, which I had been working with for the past seven years, in order to complete my Atlas Corps Fellowship. Once I returned home in 2019, I was able to apply all the knowledge that I had gained over the course of my fellowship and transform my organization in a pretty short amount of time.

Tell us about your current projects?

I’m working as a Lead Trainer at Facebook for #SheMeansBusiness, space for entrepreneurial women to build their professional networks, and We Think Digital Pakistan, a platform that provides resources to build a global community of citizens equipped with the skills necessary for navigating a digital world.

I’m also the Director of the Center for Awareness Training and Development (CATD), a professional training and development organization. We offer services in human capital development, youth development, and development consulting in order to enhance individuals, team potential and organization performance, and help them develop new skills through stimulating and engaging learning environment.

Have you collaborated with any other Atlas Corps Fellow after finishing the Fellowship?

I have previously collaborated with Huma Imdad (Class 30, Pakistan) and her current organization, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Agency, to support them in creating training programs to build the capacity of young people. I am also currently collaborating with Muhammad Ilyas (Class 28, Pakistan) and his current organization, GIZ Pakistan, to create and facilitate training programs.

Additionally, Huma Imdad and Bella Goldshtein (Class 34, Russia) participated in a webinar hosted by CATD where they shared their expertise in taking advantage of global opportunities and finding innovative ways to become social changemakers. You can watch the webinar here.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional and personal accomplishments?

The Atlas Corps Fellowship helped me improve my pre-existing skills, gain new ones, apply my expertise in the global organization, and, overall, just gain more knowledge. It gave me a platform to network with inspiring global leaders and learn from them. The training and exposure we got in the fellowship have definitely contributed to my professional growth in many ways.

The Fellowship also transformed my personality and attitude to be a better leader and improve myself for greater impact. It gave me self belief, passion, commitment, and a different perspective to be a change leader.

What advice do you have for applicants and/or current Fellows?

Atlas Corps Fellowship is a transformational journey, and everyone who wants to be part of the Fellowship should come with passion, commitment and a different perspective to change the world.

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