Much of diversity is seen in America, many people from different backgrounds co-existing to guide the nation to its glory, strength and power. This much diversity has led to the growth of this nation. Almost all the races of the world can be found in America.
The black struggle led to the emancipation of the black people and today a black man occupies the highest position in the white house. So much good has come from cultural diversity and race in America. The goal of well-meaning Americans remains the same irrespective of their cultural background, the goal is to build a strong nation and to dominate the earth. Power and strength of the United States as a nation has been felt in corners of the world. The pillar of this strength lies in diversity, ability to pull intellectual resources from all nations in one nation. This strength has improved technologies and science to a greater height and in recent years attracted scholars to their shores.
Internally, there exist racial lines and divides, neighborhoods occupied by a certain racial group to separate them or protect their interests. Deeply, these lines have been an issue in gang related crimes and killings. Rival racial group’s hunts the other down and try to control a neighborhood in the sales of drugs and other illicit materials. These divides raises internal questions and criticisms, bringing forth a fundamental question of equality and right.
Travelling around DC, I noticed these divide and in areas of poverty, these divides poses a danger and demands concern from the authorities. The fallouts of these divides can be catastrophic in the long run, there is a need to look inward and mend the cracks.

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