Recognition for entrepreneurs means the best tool to demonstrate the independence of ideas in the nonprofit sector leaders is a key to be innovative.
Often when a person is an entrepreneur in many cultures automatically there’s a lack of credibility, and that’s is a challenge to develop the full potential.

So it’s a great fortune there are prizes for young entrepreneurial leaders because in that we will develop the potential of the emergent leaders and new voices for the development as the world and social issues are needing.  Last month I had the great fortune to be nominated and appointed winner for the Youth Award from the United National Global Alliance ICT on merit of using technology to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals.

This award means a great victory not only to demonstrate that youth have ideas of sustainable and verifiable impact but also that nonprofit leaders are innovative and modern as any other industry or sector, it’s a way to say we are using existing tools for today’s problems.

My award under the category “Create your culture” recognizes the inclusion of diverse groups to carry out projects on poverty eradication, valuing cultural diversity and gender equity, being the only winner for Latin America in an award that recognizes leaders in India , Austria, Germany, the U.S., Nigeria and Ghana among others.

Go to Montreal to attend and receive the award from UNESCO Phillip Kridelka New York and hear at the stage the words: “The award is for Aldo Arce from Mexico for the Young Door NGO project” was like to remember in three minutes all the challenges, skills and ideas that are behind the innovation, the fear of breaking patterns but the satisfaction of being edgy.

I think this award comes in my best stage of my professional growth so far, being an Atlas Corps Fellow, because that means we can proof clearly what we say: We are outstanding innovative nonprofit skilled professionals to address the world’s 21st century challenges.


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