Societies have broken apart. Good governance is no longer defined by the Government by the people for the people to the people. Systems are fractured, and no one feels safe. Why is injustice and violence even a thing anymore?

Do we blame our culture? Are we too quick to judge, or is it just in our blood? Perhaps there is no justification at all. Access to human security should be an asset to humanity.

No one should be subject to violence and conflict.

It is time to redefine systems as young people. The world is ours, and ours all. It is our responsibility to make sure that socio-economic policies benefit all regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or economic status. It is time we advocate for transformational leadership and put current leaders accountable. Our leaders have endorsed the 2030 Agenda of leaving no one behind and the Agenda 2063 of the Africa we want, yet no one is taking responsibility for ensuring that no one left behind.

Corruption is on the rise, poor, vulnerable people living in remote areas still have no access to clean water and sanitation, gender-based violence continues to destroy peace, women, and girls still have no access to sexual and reproductive health. Endorsing policies are now becoming a trend, yet no implementation and accountability is done.

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