What would you like to ask your donors but have been too shy to ask? A lot, apparently.

Don’t worry; I have got your back on this post. My host organization, Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI), recently published a new guide for grantmakers and grantseekers: “Smarter Grantmaking for Grantee Organizations: Conversations to have with Funders”

The guide offers interesting tips on conversations grantee organizations and their project managers can have with funders who support them and how both parties can have an inclusive, beneficial, and sustainable two-way dialogue. It also explores the kind of partnership and learning that might be possible if grantees and grant making organization have a mutual and open conversation, how grantees can advocate for their own needs, and how to ensure there is an open conversation all through the partnership.

I consider this resource useful for all, especially since the majority (if not all) of Atlas Corp fellows and alumni either run or work for a non-profit organization. This is an amazing resource you can share with program officers of your organization.

When you download the report, you get:

  • Tips on conversation starters with funders
  • Example questions that you might want to ask your program officer before agreeing to any grant
  • How to set the tone for values-aligned relationships
  • How to ensure a successful funding process and opportunity for renewal at the end of the initial funding cycle
  • How to address misunderstanding between grantees and grant making organization during grant making cycle      
  • How to keep communication open and ongoing, especially during difficult times, and more…

You may download the “Smarter Grantmaking for Grantee Organizations: Conversations to have with Funders” guide here. I hope that you and your program officers find the conversation starters highlighted in the guide useful for a successful grant process and practice.