I’m sure you all know about AmeriCorps, and the impact it is having on both its volunteers and the communities they serve. My friend Deanna is an AmeriCorps VISTA, and together we are participating in the AmeriCorps video contest.


The experience so far has been both interesting and challenging. It has been interesting because I got to meet Woodlande and her mother; speak to them and learn something about Haiti and about being a refugee in the US. Visiting their community was like leaving the US and traveling all around the world. I met immigrants and refugees from Pakistan, Haiti, Mali, Cambodia… some of them spoke English and some of them didn’t, but they all found a way to make sure I shot a picture of them- preferably doing some karate moves if they were kids- or included them in the video. I was invited into their houses, offered food, and in general, treated very well by Woodlande’s family and her neighbors. They really made me feel like at home.

It has also been challenging because the contest winner will be decided by public vote, and it is exhausting having to ask for votes and involve your friends and family in the process. It has been just a week since the contest started but it seems like we have been asking for votes for centuries already. At the moment, we are in second place but we still have some imaginative campaigns coming up that we hope will bring us to the first position before the end of the contest in late August.

The best part of this experience has been, without a doubt, discovering how many people care about me and the projects I’m involved in. I am really fortunate to have such great friends and that’s why I am still in the mood to ask YOU for your vote.

Please take a look at the video, learn how Woodlande and Deanna’s lives have been impacted by AmeriCorps and vote / like / share.



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