The rich-west idea dominated most of my early age thinking about America and other western countries. The stories we tell about these places back home are mostly delightful, beautiful and painted stress free all over. Hollywood remains a strong cinema choice and often gives a false image about the west. Well, traveling has let me see the western countries, and I ask myself ‘are they really telling us the good story?’
Media has been used as several tools! Tools of hope, will and life. The American life where the black boy in a ghetto believes is: listening to loud music while walking down the street. Maybe the truth is made beautiful by the media. But when this truth lands on the street of Kigali, Accra and Khartoum, they are no long truths but facts and made for the sole purpose of creating utopia in the western hemisphere.
The real picture should be out there, the picture that are never shown or hidden from other countries. The picture that paints homelessness not the American dreams. Pictures like the drug-addicted woman in her 40s limping across the street. Or the gangsters’ playing card on an apartment patio and talking to a little boy who delivers drug for them across. Yes! there is this picture, this picture not shown as it is, the picture that these youths risks growing old in captivity of negativity.
The boys in street of Africa needs to hear that slum exists everywhere in the world, maybe there’s more special and more prominent and maybe showed be shown pity. One day I was walking on the street and a man walked up to me, he told me he was coming out of the hospital and doesn’t have any money to get home. He was frail and shaking. My thoughts raced over the system, the much wealth maybe is not enough to go round all the citizens’ welfare and help those in need.
Utopia doesn’t exist in America or elsewhere, people exist and people struggle, just like any other place in the world.

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