With a network of around 775 Fellows from 96 countries specializing in a diverse array of professional fields, many Atlas Corps Alumni and current Fellows are making inspiring impacts against COVID-19. It is time to celebrate these achievements of our amazing Alumni and share their advice on how we can all do our part to protect and support each other.

Today we want to talk with our Alumni Amira (Class 21, Sudan) and Umer (Class 21, Pakistan) who currently work at the World Health Organization in their home countries.

Thank you all so much for everything that you do! We wish you all the best with this impactful work! Read below about how they are contributing to the fight, and how we can all work together and rise above the challenges of today.

Photo Credit: Youth Action

Name: Umer Dil

Home Country: Pakistan

Current Organization: World Health Organization (WHO) | Youth Action

Role at current organization: Polio Eradication Officer | Founder & CEO

Please share with us how you are working to fight against COVID-19?

I have been working with the WHO as a Polio Eradication Officer from the last 2.5 years. Now the whole Polio Eradication Initiative team is working on COVID-19. I am a member of the District Corona control Room, where we have established hotlines so that our surveillance network can report suspected cases. We have more than 500 staff members who are doing Surveillance. I am also the founder and CEO of “Youth Action” where the Youth Action Volunteers are doing a great job in the context of community awareness. On March 25th, Youth Action Volunteers distributed free masks and soap to the community so that they could keep themselves safe from COVID-19. To learn more about them, click here.

Do you have anything you would like to say to everybody about how we can all do our part in this pandemic?

Well, we all need to stay at home, use masks if they are available, wash your hands with soap often, use sanitizer, avoid hugs and handshakes and convey the same message to our friends and relatives. During this time we need to think about those who are missing their paychecks and about how we can support our communities and those in need. May God protect us All.

Photo Credit: Youth Action

Name: Amira Adam

Home Country: Sudan

Current Organization: World Health Organization (WHO)

Role at current organization: Communicable Disease Officer

Please share with us how you are working to fight against COVID-19?

I am currently working as a communicable disease officer at the WHO Sudan office, focusing on HIV and other STDs, however during the COVID-19 crisis I am volunteering with the emergency department in the preparation and readiness to respond to COVID-19. For HIV, we are developing an HIV continuity plan to ensure that the minimum package of services is available to PLHIV during the COVID-19 crisis and ensure their safety during the epidemic. For the COVID-19 response, I am working with the emergency team and the M&E officer at the WHO to compile the planning and interventions planned across the 6 response pillars and ensure proper coordination at the WHO, I-NGOs and the Ministry of Health.

Do you have anything you would like to say to everybody about how we can all do our part in this pandemic?

It’s very important for people to strictly follow the guidance of the health workers by first staying at home and limiting their social contacts to the minimum, they have to adhere to the social distance protocols and the personal hygiene.

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