With a network of around 750 Fellows from 95 countries, the Atlas Corps family is growing every day. It is time to look back and to showcase the achievements of our amazing Alumni. Today we want to talk with our Alumna Amira Adam (Sudan | Class 21, Host: International Center for Research on Women). After serving as an Atlas Corps Fellow in Washington, DC, Amira began working for the World Health Organization as the Communicable Disease Officer.

Congratulations to Amira in this important position and the recent signing of the World Health Organization and Africa CDC agreement to strengthen collaboration for future efforts. This agreement makes official the partnerships that have been occurring since Africa CDC began from the African Union Commission in August 2016. From this agreement, the World Health Organization has been able to work with the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and have connections with international experts to collaborate and solve Ebola outbreaks in the country. We wish her the best with this impactful work!

Learn more about Amira’s work for the World Health Organization in Sudan to respond to the pandemic here.


Name: Amira Adam

Home Country: Sudan

Current Organization: World Health Organization (WHO)

Role at current organization: Communicable Disease Officer

Social Issue have you worked with: Health research and interventions with women, children and youth.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional accomplishments?

Atlas Corps added that critical lens to the way I see things, through the amazing exposure I got during working with my host organization, attending different events that Atlas Corps organized as well as interacting with fellows from all over the world with incredible talent and background.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your personal accomplishments?

Atlas Corps inspired me to set more ambitious goals for myself and work hard to achieve it. Atlas Corps brought me to believe in myself and what I have the power to accomplish. It also expanded my knowledge through meeting such as a diverse array of people both in the Fellowship and at my host organization.

What are the major highlights of your professional journey since you have finished the Fellowships?

Since the Fellowship, I have worked with WHO HQ on a project aiming to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) medicalization in 5 African countries and drafted the global FGM monitoring and evaluation framework to be adopted by the WHO. I also participated in the development of the Sudan HIV National Strategic Plan and am a member of the HIV global fund application. Additionally, I carry out HIV services with analysis and develop stigma reduction booklets in a partnership with the ministry of social welfare.

As an Atlas Corps Alumni, how are you a better social change leader?

The Atlas Corps Fellowship helped me to not only build a network of professionals but understand how much we can accomplish together. It is no longer my own success alone that matters to me, but the success of all the people around me as well. If we succeed or lose, we will always be together in our efforts to change the world and we can always help each other up after failing to try again.

What is your favorite Atlas Corps memory?

My graduation was one of my favorite memories when I was selected to be the class speaker. It meant a lot to me that my fellow Fellows choose to give me the stage to speak and reflect on my experience. I also have fond memories of the waterfront in southwest DC. It is a beautiful relaxing place.

What advice do you have for applicants and incoming Fellows?

My advice for the applicants is to be patient with the process and I promise it will pay off. To all the incoming fellows, I hope you live the experience to the maximum and enjoy every single moment of it. It will be a time in your life you will grow so much and moments you will never forget.

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