With a network of around 775 Fellows from 96 countries specializing in a diverse array of professional fields, many Atlas Corps Alumni and current Fellows are making inspiring impacts against COVID-19. It is time to celebrate these achievements of our amazing network and share their advice on how we can all do our part to protect and support each other.

Today we want to talk about our Alumna, Board of Directors member, and CEO of Sorcero, Atlas Corps Host Organization, Dipanwita (Class 10, India). Together with the Sorcero team Dipanwita launched covid19.sorcero.com, a website with the top 188 COVID-19 questions with validated and authoritative answers.

Thank you so much for everything that you do! We wish you all the best with this impactful work! Read below about how Dipanwita is contributing to the fight, and how we can all work together and rise above the challenges of today.

Name: Dipanwita Das

Home Country: India

Current Organization: Sorcero

Role at current organization: Founder & CEO

To help contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus—and the spread of misinformation related to it—Sorcero has curated the Top 188 COVID-19 questions with authoritative, validated answers.

You will find on the website:

1. A free, easy-to-use single source of truth for your most pressing questions related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.
2. Provides fast, authoritative answers from an array of trusted sources, including CDC, WHO, OSHA, EPA, Lancet, and more.
3. Answers contain links to original sources and have been reviewed by our team healthcare professionals to ensure accuracy.
4. Questions for which there are no answers are automatically submitted to our healthcare team for review and response.
5. Together we’ll discover what people are asking and help guide them to the most authoritative resources.

To see these questions and answers, go to covid19.sorcero.com.

Please help Sorcero continue to expand and improve this site by asking some questions and leaving feedback about the answers. Also note that this site is intended exclusively for educational purposes, it’s NOT collecting ANY personal information NOR using cookies.

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