With a network of around 750 Fellows from 95 countries, the Atlas Corps family is growing every day. It is time to look back and to showcase the achievements of our amazing Alumni. Today we want to talk with our Alumna Mary Apollo (Class 20, South Sudan, Host: Global Women’s Institute ).

Mary have been selected as one of the Top 100 Global Human Rights Defenders for 2019 by the “International Human Rights Commission – Relief Fund Trust”. Mary is a journalist from South Sudan with a passion for gender, women’s issues. We are so proud of Mary and we expect to be hearing more about her work in the future!

Name: Mary Apollo

Home Country: South Sudan

Current Organization: PAN Africa Diaspora Youth Association

Role at current organization: Vice Chair, Health sector

Social Issue have you worked with: Good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, and youth empowerment

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional accomplishments?

Atlas Corps was a turning point in my carrier life, it was the first international experience outside my home country. I was able to practice my leadership skills in a professional way, and grow up my networking. I have formed some kind of nonprofits and working to support each other.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your personal accomplishments?

It was a good experience to meet friends from different cultures and backgrounds, learn about these cultures and practice it. I learn how to cook and share my local stories and culture internationally.

As an Atlas Corps Alumni, how are you a better social change leader?

I am representing the younger generation of women as well and youth. As a journalist, I was interested in gender equality, women empowerment, and good health. I have done so much experience in this field and I was able to advance my practical skills on it. I am representing the younger generation of women as well.

What is your favorite Atlas Corps memory?

Every moment from the Fellowship was a good for me, but the funniest one I invited friends for food at our house. I didn’t know how to cook at that time, I cooked following my mother recipe and ending up buying food from outside.

I’m still in touch with all those Alumni and amazing Fellows as friends and workmates. We still have that emotional connection that connects us to work as changemakers.

What advice do you have for applicants and incoming Fellows?

Trust in yourself, abilities and talent and try. When I applied for Atlas Corps, my writing skills were not that good, I remember my English ILETS teacher in Sudan told me, you better don’t do it, because it is not your time yet, but I tried and I got the fellowship to came to the united state. Think about your passion, future carrier, and achievement.

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