On April 16, 2016, Ecuador suffered an earthquake that destroyed buildings, affected hundreds of families and marked our memory forever.

Three years later, I share some images that I jealously kept on my phone, but I have decided to present them as a symbol of gratitude to the entire team of Telefónica Volunteers and Fundación Telefónica Ecuador that gave the best of us and strengthened us to be able to build educational solutions and relief in children and young people.

From my role as communicator and # Voluntario16A, I can´t help but recognize the power of communication as a powerful tool for calling, promoting and raising awareness. Thanks to the media, we were able to invite the communities to attend the Proniño educational support centers, visit the training and join the construction of the classrooms as ONE team.

THANKS to the communities of Manabí and Esmeraldas that joined forces with us, to my friends Telefónica Volunteers who left part of their heart and sweat in Ecuador. Thanks to my colleagues for sharing their learnings and energy all the time.

Las Gilces – Manabí (Ecuador). Credits: Fundacion Telefonica Ecuador

Without a doubt, my life also changed remarkably. Even more sensitive to suffering after a catastrophe but with more knowledge and strength to contribute better in any community in the world.

Currently, I am serving more communities at the Global Disaster Preparedness CenterAmerican Red Cross, as a Communication and Community Engagement Fellow, sharing tools, services, knowledge, and experiences to a broader disaster practitioners audience.  

Let the circle represented in the photo be the best memory of a resilient community ready to face new challenges together and supporting each other. The following video represents a few of the important moments that I was able to share and learn. #IamVolunteer #DisasterRiskReduction

Video Story – My volunteer experience in 2016