I read this article and found it interested to share with others!!
Each year, bright, optimistic Africans leave home to earn an education or seek a better economic life abroad for themselves and their families. With fewer opportunities in their home country, many never return home” the only answer is yes, or true, or agree!! Every year thousands of Africans leave their home countries and go to another place for better life, Any where in the world but not in Africa, Another place in the world but not in Africa!!
Please, look around your family (Africans Only) and see how many members left the country and the region, they go for work or study abroad but never come back!! Once you achieve your goals and objectives why not to come back to benefit your country, to train others and share your experience and knowledge with your colleagues..
The writer mentioned in this article achievements of some Africans in the Diaspora and through my work with the African Community in DC I met many amazing people who are thinking to go back and invest in their countries, this will be credit for the region!!
So, as the writer said “Mobilizing the full participation of Africans in the diaspora is a win-win for Africa, and can foster stronger connections between continents to accelerate Africa’s social and economic development“.
If you are interested to read the article, here is the link:

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