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Africans were not created to be eternally dependent and be defined by poverty, disease, hopelessness and even not knowing what tomorrow may bring. It has taken a long journey for many developed countries to be where they are today. One day, Africans will restore dignity and be able to speak for themselves. They will be self-reliant and make their own choices and be a solution to some of the world’s challenges.

People, who have never visited, were asked about their own views on Africa. The Big Question: “When someone mentions ‘Africa’ or you hear ‘Africa.’ What is the first thing that comes into your mind?” You will be amazed to some of the answers provided in the 21st Century.

Water shortages, warm rains, the smell of warm asphalt, wildlife, poaching, citrus fruits fresh from the tree, little black flies which get into the corners of your eyes, skinny black people, HIV and AIDS, Nelson Mandela, a laboratory where pharmaceutical companies use human beings as experiments, a semi-arid plain land where an elephant is walking with a huge mountain on the background, the richest continent on earth, people wearing western countries’ second hand clothing, famine, UN Peace camps, witch doctors, malaria, people dancing half naked, ridiculously ripe and perfect mangoes, the moon, parents fleeing war and leave their children to die in the desert, rampant government corruption, tribal animosity, starving displaced people seeking for food and housing, sick people, so many babies, drought, countless warlords, gangs driving around small Toyota trucks, non-commercialized people, country of misery, children soldiers, a dangerous place with dangerous animals (crocodiles, gorillas, sharks), genocide, colonialism, pirates, raggedly clothed black children, rape, female circumcision, prostitutes, chaos, hunger, famine, poverty, danger in every corner due to so many predators.”

Most of them agreed that their opinions were influenced by the media but agreed to visit, in-order-to make their own opinion. I think media is just another business where negativity sells more than positivity.

The Africa I know

Africa is not a small country; it is the second largest continent with 54 countries. In most of these countries, people are healthy and they live happily. Africa is a home that millions of people will never know unless they visit. Africa is a paradise blessed with natural beauty. The amazing wonders of God’s creation can still be found in Africa. Africa is blessed with lots or rich cultures and diversities and you will be amazed when you visit. In Africa, we have our own problems and we always find solutions to our own problems.

We have over the years used our own resources to fight poverty. We have millions of untapped natural resources, wildlife, fertile soil for agriculture. All these can undoubtedly be used to enhance our economies. The mineral industry of Africa, is the largest mineral industries in the world.

I am going to end here and I’ll leave you with some reading. Before I go, I am asking you the same question. “In your own views, what can you say about Africa?”

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