I was in Guatemala for the past 10 days, traveling for my host organization, GlobalGiving. In 10 days, my colleague and I visited 10 partners, conducted 2 workshops on online fundraising, and saw dozens of people working to solve problems in Guatemala.

Many of the partners we visited addressed issues like malnutrition, education, women empowerment, among other things. Malnutrition, especially, seemed like a prevalant problem in the country. One of the partners we visited who operates a health clinic in a remote village told us that there are no numbers of what the average height of an indigenous male/female should be, because there aren’t enough data points of those who have been fully nourished.  It was heartbreaking to see so many infants and small kids diagnosed with malnutrition, some of them obviously looking sick and weak.  After the interviews with mothers and kids, the health clinic staff and we had lunch.  It was a simple meal of two eggs, beans and tortillas – it was 12 quetzales ($1.5).

After a week, we moved to Guatemala City.  Due to safety precautions, we stayed at Zona Viva, a zone that is considered the safest in the city.  A cup of coffee cost 15

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