Waking up to multiple phone missed calls and messages on that fateful morning late last year, I knew something was wrong. With a few returned calls, I learnt you were in coma and few minutes later you were no more. Just about the time we were getting where you wanted all of us to be, you departed Omasaa! I am still in denial but just like you used to say it is in God’s hands.
Everyone would have special memories about you and to me, you are a family man, one of a team with my mother, sister, brothers and I. Sometimes we do have our storm but above all you are a gentle, caring and kind Father.
I cherish you so gracefully because you are the one who made me what I am today. You were an overprotective Father and thank you for teaching us the power of humour as well as leading a very simple life.
Thank you for teaching us the importance of humility and the remarkable power of emotional and financial generosity.
Thank you for stressing the importance of education and making sure I got one.
Thank you for loving your siblings and teaching us all the importance of loving those who are not like you. Often compromising and giving up personal gains to ensure family unity and progress is one attribute I take from you.
There are a lot to appreciate you for and I am thankful to God you lived your life to the full
You will always be in our hearts.
Adieu Ome Assa…….The Special One!
Adieu the Special One

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