Fellowship is not only serving in host organization, it means also to be engage in different activities in free time. Someone likes to stay at home, someone likes to attend conferences and workshops, the others prefer traveving. There are a few different outdoor and indoor activities which fellow should try during the fellowship:

  • American Football or Baceball game

Americans loves baseball. They watch it everywhere: bars, stadiums, home, etc. Super Bowl is like a national holiday. Even if you don’t understand the rules, at least you should try it.

  • Explore your city

Every city where fellows serve has own sightseeings and famous places. You can open new sides of your city every weekend.

  • Celebrate american holidays

Many of american holidays we don’t celebrate in our home countries, but we know about them from the movies. You have good opportunity to try it.

  • Kayaking

If your city has the river, lake or ocean, kayaking should be on your “TO DO” list

  • Go to hiking on national parks

Nationals parks in the U.S. are perfect: clean air, nature, amazing views.

  • Cultufal activities

Go to museums, art galeries, theathers. Art is everywhere.


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