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Disclaimer: I am not an expert nutritionist. This blog post reflects only my own personal experience with food. I am not endorsing any specific kind of food and not asking you not to eat the other kinds. The purpose of this blog post is only to share what in my own experience, is good for an AB+ blood type to eat to remain healthy. You can totally ignore my post if you want or consult your own doctor. I am not your doctor. Now after having said that, let’s start reading my blog post.

YASSSS ! My blood type is AB+. We know only a 3.4% of the people in the world have this blood type. AB blood has both Antigen A and Antigen B, present on the surface of the red blood cells. There are no antibodies for both A and B in the blood plasma. This blood type is quite weird. It is the fuel that runs through our vascular system to keep us functioning. What are the kinds of foods that we need to avoid and the foods that we need to eat to maintain the good quality of this fuel?

I know that some kinds of foods make me feel sick. Some foods make me feel healthier. You will be surprised if I tell you that I should not be eating ice cream as it is not good for my blood type, but I cannot help it. I mean, who does not eat ice cream?

I will list some foods that you can avoid, and foods that you should eat. For those that you should avoid, you must find an alternate to that nutrient source. (Consult your own doctor, I repeat, consult your own doctor.)

For breakfast, I love to eat eggs. Eggs are good. Cultured dairy products are good for an AB+. Non-fat sour cream, yogurt, cheese, chicken, pork, beef, goose, duck, and quail are not a favorite for this blood type, but lamb, mutton and turkey are good. High intake of animal protein can cause gastrointestinal problems. Blue cheese, and whole milk are not so good.

Olives are great for you. So are peanuts and walnuts. They can boost your immune system. Pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds are not so good. Eating small portions of whole nuts can help keep your gallbladder healthy.

Now; Mr. bean. I used to boil kidney beans for myself regularly some years back, to help me lose weight. Well, guess what? Kidney beans are not good for you AB+ people. Peas are also not so good for an AB+ type. Lentils are good. Navy, pinto and red beans, are good for you. The “bad for you” beans decrease insulin production resulting in higher risks of diabetes. The good beans can help fight or prevent cancer. (Good as in, good for you AB+s)

I started eating rice more than wheat, thanks to my friend Suvy, as she taught me how to boil rice. It was easier than making a roti. For AB+ people, rice products are much better than wheat grain, because of the acid forming properties of wheat. Try sprouted wheat flour instead of whole wheat. Sprouting grain can increase vitamin content. Pasta and corn are also not good for you.

Mangoes, bananas, guavas, coconuts and oranges? NO ma’am ! No !

Try pineapples and grapefruit. Alkaline fruits, with a pH greater than 7, are good for you. Vitamin C rich foods prevent stomach cancer.

Using sea salt, instead of table salt, would be good for you. Sea salt often has as much sodium as table salt, in addition to other minerals like magnesium.

Avoid red pepper, black pepper, and vinegar. I use black pepper with most of my foods, which is not such a good idea. (It’s good to keep antacids handy but prevention is always better than trying to cure what you’ve gotten yourself into.) Garlic is good for you. (Though I don’t like its smell, but you’ve gotta keep those vampires away.)

Decaf coffee a cup a day is not a problem for you but, try green/herbal tea, which is a better option. Black tea and sodas are not good for you.

Shrimps, lobsters, and crabs aren’t for you, trout, tuna and cod are.

Now go to the top, of this post and read the disclaimer one more time before you leave this post. Thank you !

6 thoughts on “AB Positive, Are We ?”

  1. joy Puthussery says:

    I take a glass boiled water with half a teaspoon of crushed black pepper, adding a little lemon juice in it, daily the mornings in empty stomach. Your response, to this will be highly appreciated, please.

    By the way, it is a very informative post.

    With Regards,


    1. Hello Joy,
      If you feel energetic during the day after taking that stuff, then it’s good for you, if not, then try taking a tablespoon of honey, with a small clove of garlic in the morning, or you can also take apple cider vinegar one tablespoon, in a glass of water, on an empty stomach, add a teaspoon lemon juice to it, and a pinch of salt. What is your blood group?

  2. Jaffar Musawa says:

    I am an AB+ guy. I usually follow what is recommended for my blood group by Dr. D’Adamo. I love eating mutton & lamb. But, like seafood & veggies, I eat chicken also occasionally as curry, grilled, masala & fried. I know that chicken is not recommended for AB group. But I never feel any discomfort after having chicken in any form. Also, orange is not recommended but I have no problem in taking oranges/ orange juice/ mandarin etc. I drink green tea once or twice a day, at the same time, I use to take coffee in the morning and black tea during the day. After taking coffee or black tea, I did not experience any problem in my stomach or any disturbance in digestion. For normal cooking, I use coconut oil (for fish, chicken & meat). For fried egg, omelet & ratatouille, I only use olive oil. Very occasionally sunflower oil. As mentioned above, I did not have any abdominal problem after using these oils though I know only olive oil is recommended for me.

    So, what you could advise on my eating habit, please?

    1. For as long as you feel good and energetic, you can eat everything in moderation. The key to good health and deriving benefit from the food we eat, is, to eat in moderation. I have started OMAD, one meal a day, and intermittent fasting, which is working perfectly for me. So if you want to eat almost anything, how about trying intermittent fasting or OMAD.

  3. john ayuen says:

    what is the problem with sodas and coffee?
    I am AB+.

  4. Emma THOMAS says:

    I am AB+ and drink a large banana mango tumeric oats plant milk smoothie every.morning, my family love this smoothie as we feel so full and energized, please explain what bananas and mango do to my AB+ Blood?

    Many thanks.

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