This blog post is a spoken word piece I wrote years ago, about the pressure placed on women to fit into a certain mold, and the struggle for women to stay true to who they are. Enjoy!!

I am tired of saying sorry
Apologizing for who I am

A woman powerful
Enough to know her worth

Sick of dimming my light
Because yours have no fuel
Tired of slouching because
You are an inch less than six feet tall
I just want to be me with no apologies

Why must I allow you to define me?
What clause in heaven rules
Made you my judge and jury
Must I live my life
By your concept of right and wrong
I am sick, tired, stomping my feet

I am going on a journey
Dressed in Khaki and a tartan shirt
My hair, a Mohawk
And my ears decked in Caribbean Rings
On my feet are biker’s boots
And on my head a bandana

Do I look like a renegade yet?
Ok, let me add some shiny cuffs and extra bangs!

I don’t want to live another man’s story
Don’t wanna follow another woman’s footstep
Life is too short to play safe
Is it not said that life is a daring adventure
Or nothing at all?….

My message to you is this:
I am more than meets the eye
I am that model on Paris Runway
I am that geeky researcher with big glasses
I am that activist with a placard
I am that Poet on Nobel’s Podium

I am that dancer on the disco floor

All of these are me
I am Water..

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