Most of us still can’t wrap our head around what happened in the past two weeks and while there has been little to celebrate or rejoice over, there is some solace to be found in the blossoms that are blooming around most of those in Washington, D.C particularly.

I went out for a walk in the morning hours this week, trying my best to avoid the crowds and maintaining social distance and that was the highlight of my month. The cherry blossom festival and so much more may have been cancelled but the blooming blossoms are a ray of hope and beauty in times like these.

Here are some of the perfect spaces to see the blossoms while maintaining social distance


Just a short walk from where most of the fellows are, the wharf boasts a view of the blossoms too. Try to head out at a time when you can avoid most people and maintain a 6 feet distance if you do end up seeing some. Run, jog, walk and breathe because we all need that even more in times like these.

Early morning at the Tidal Basin

Early morning at the Tidal Basin is the perfect time to avoid the crowds and see the blossoms while staying safe. Regardless of what side of the basin you are on, you’ll end up seeing the stunning blossoms blooming with hope and beauty. A run or walk around the entire circle is one of the most relieving experiences D.C. has to offer these days. Just make sure to go as early as you can to avoid bumping into people. Keep social distance in mind at all times but don’t lock yourself in and miss out on the best that D.C has to offer.

The Magnolia’s at Rawlins Park

For many, spring in D.C is about the blossoms but the magnolias have bloomed and look just as stunning. Rawlins Park is a small square near the Farragut West station. I’d suggest skipping the metro and walking to the park, which won’t take more than an hour. It’s a stunning sight to see and there are hardly any person around, which makes it a great spot to get some fresh air.

One can enjoy nature while maintaining social distance and getting fresh air is just as important as it is being safe.