As my prestigious Atlas Corps Fellowship is about to end, I won’t sign it off without visiting a little Caribbean island called Jamaica. The island with its deep historical significance in my global perspectives needs a profound preparation. In this line, I am revisiting the following lyrics to connect me with the island’s metaphysical  power that emulsifies race, continents and time.

I’ve got to carry Jah heavy load

Because I walk in his gladness

On his merry merry road

I’ve got to carry Jah heavy load

I’ve got to back up myself

Against false evidence

I’ve got to carry Jah heavy load

I’ve got to pick up where them say

Jah Jah left off and gone

I have to carry Jah load heavy heavy load


In my meditation when I reason with him

Clearly in my visions of dreams

He reason with me

I feel Jah Jah heartically

Oh I know what I do believe

I believe in Jah Jah truth and rights


This rumour situation

That is spreading across the nation

Trying to dim the light

Been precious in my fathers sight

Saying that Rasta father

Trodding this earth no longer

But in Zion is my father’s throne

And I know the earth is his foot stool




I & I


Eric Njoroge

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