Perhaps you have had an opportunity in your work to lead or be part of creating an organization’s strategic plan. The plan, if used properly, is intended to help steer the organization’s work over a certain time period.

Did you try to create one for yourself!! It is  A personal strategic plan

Your personal strategic plan helps you maintain balance in each area of your life, so you are more effective as a leader, spouse, parent, friend, and community member.

Your plan will help you understand where to put your attention and energy, how to balance the different aspects of your life, and how to know when something is going out of balance in time to take corrective steps.

The best and most relevant personal strategic plan is tailored to focus on what matters most to you. Typically, a plan encompasses career issues (such as ongoing development in your current role, raised visibility in your field, or a job change), finances, health, and key relationships. However, it is fine to include additional topics that are important to you, such as new adventures, travel, or spiritual development.

I did some research and found these steps quite useful!