“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”

Henry Kissinger

The most popular question which I get from people around is: “How do you like it so far?”

“So far, so good” – is my proud response.

When we were teenagers, my girlfriends and I used to watch “Sex and the city.” And all of them wanted to live in New York. As for me, I dreamed of living in Washington, DC, like Reese Witherspoon’s character in “Legally Blonde 2”.

I wanted to be part of the most powerful place in the world. I wanted to read “The Washington Post” every morning. I wanted to match on Tinder with a guy working on Capitol Hill and run to an office among other “white-collars.”

Back then, I couldn’t even imagine that this city would accept me so warmly. People here are more than just kind: people care about each other; they try to help and support one another. If you get, don’t forget to share! Be grateful for every experience you have, every person you meet on your way, every challenge you accept, be open to new opportunities and faithful to your principals.

Much love!

Croaker, Virginia
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

United States Capitol

photocredit: @visitwashingtondc, @dccitygirl