Although I’m only halfway through the fellowship, allow me to express my simplest gratitude to this wonderful journey.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far. As a young Palestinian I feel very privileged to be part of such a prestigious scheme, and it has meant a great deal to me to be able to work on Maternal health and Women’s issues at a global level, surrounded by experts whom are very humble to provide me with all the resources and mentorship to advocate for the cause which I am most passionate about.

I am thrilled that, since starting the fellowship, I’m working on significant global projects, developing vital skills, growing my networks, and getting experienced to lead a generation of advocates towards Women’s health and rights. Everyday I am empowered to learn and impact more, everyday I’m expanding my horizon by simply being an Atlas Corps fellow.

Personally, I’m cooking the greatest recipe of my life spiced with memorable experiences and friendships from every corner of the world. The support and love we hold towards each other is priceless. The stories, the real stories I hear about their communities are mind blowing. I admire the change every single one of them is doing and blessed to have my eyes opened to the world through theirs.