Imagine going into any country, city, town or village in any part of the world and you get that feeling…..”This is home!” To me the whole world seems to be the same and all humans the same except for physical differences in structure and appearance.
In every part of the world there are wonders to behold; two constant things worldwide remain the sky and the land on which we walk. Smiles, tears, joy, happiness, sadness and peace are feelings universal. I am glad that anywhere I find myself on globe earth with fellow humans, I am able to adapt and adjust, I am able to live and eat, I am able to share and receive….that’s what living in this world is all about. I am thankful for life and every one whose life has come in contact with mine!
Happy Thanksgiving

1 thought on “A Global Citizen!”

  1. Well said. I am a global citizen and I feel that my home is both South and North Korea, and anywhere else the sky is blue! Happy Thanksgiving!

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