On my second weekend after starting the fellowship we went out for a Day at Coney Island. It was a fantastic experience and I have really enjoyed the time with other fellows. Everybody must spend a day out with friends or family. It reduces stress, rejuvenate your mood and it keeps you engaged with your social circle or family. It gives a chance to try something new and helps your feel attracted towards exploration.

On the other hand, it seems that going out can be hectic because of weather conditions, traffic or many other factors but that is not the case you might get tired at the end of the day but at the same time you have released all your stress and are ready for the week ahead.

I was not expecting this, but we ended up by exploring a park in Brooklyn with such a beautiful view. I noticed that there were a large group of people in the park doing different activities and having fun at the same time, trying to release their stress and some of them were Dancing Traditionally, few having picnic with friends and family, I went further there were a lot of scattered people just sitting down in the park and enjoying sunset view. I have never realized that how satisfying would it be to experience a sunset.

I would recommend going out for a day and do at least a single activity with your friends or family, if not then just go out for a walk in a park and feel how this changes your mood and gives you energy and contentment feeling. In a nutshell, I would like to say that; “A DAY OUT IS A WAY OUT”.