I have taught deeply about this, one thing common among the fellows, (old and new) and Atlas Corps as an Organization is the desire and passion to serve humanity. Most of us left big time paying jobs and opportunities back at home just to be here to serve, with little available stipends.

In spite of this, while we serve at various host organization in different capacities, be aware that as an Atlas Corps fellow, we also stand to benefit from the following ways;

• Learn new ways of applying our skills
• Develop excellent leadership skills
• Learn new culture and experiences
• Boost your career options
• Build self-esteem and confidence

The list can go on and on! A world like ours with it’s challenges needs more of our kind “change makers”. Hence I will boldly say that indeed we are in the right place, at the right time walking in the right direction.

“The highest of distinction is service to others”

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