Crazy how time flies. A little late for my first blog but I can’t believe I’m already close to my two month mark since my arrival in DC and so much has happened. I’ve settled into my new home, met fellows from all over the world (from countries I would never have expected), attended my first Global Leadership Lab, settled into my new workplace, met old friends, made new friends, and last but not the least visited the ER! This past two months hasn’t been all fun and glamorous but there were much more highs more than lows.

To name a few of the highlights, firstly was meeting amazing fellows from all over the world. We all come from different walks in life and backgrounds but we share one thing in common which is to make a difference in the society. A society filled with so many talented and intellectual people. Where do I fit in? What can I give? I recall one fellow saying, “Nobody knows everything but everyone knows something,” which is so true. The power lies in the connections between people, to unite and share ideas to create a brighter and better world. We all have something to share and grow together. Secondly, the Global Leadership Lab (GLL), an intense week of overwhelming information but learning the basics of program management, financial management, M&E, and more were than I expected. With my little experience in the nonprofit sector, the GLL immersion helped me gain an understanding on these different areas.

Last but the least from my highlight, it’s also been about a month since I’ve settled into my new workplace, PYXERA Global. First staff meetingIt is an organization that creates groundbreaking partnerships between public, private, and social sectors to create shared value and innovative solutions to complex challenges. There are many different initiatives which I may talk more about in my future blog but there is so much to learn here and I am honored to be a part of this wonderful organization. I’m excited for the months to come and the growth of my knowledge in this field of work.

I look forward to this year and all the many valuables lessons and experiences I will learn through the fellowship, from fellows, workplace, and more!

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