It seems we live in a toy-world; people clinging to the status quo, who by pretending to save the “poor” from being corrupted and changed by technology and world culture, also keep millions in poverty and marginalized. The “bearded men”[1] will have to keep coming to build roads and study diseases in the developing world. With this attitude these people will have nothing to keep from being corrupted, nothing left to protect in the so called “third world” as it will disappear within the consequences of poverty. They are condemning the indigenous settlements and the most vulnerable populations, to extinction: to be unable to empower themselves, to make educated decisions, to rebuild their traditions. They will always be dependent on the rest of the world, on the developed nations.

I happily assume my role as the daughter of successful conquerors and wise indigenous men and women. I do no see a reason why I should hide behind walls of money and riches; I have no reason to feel anguished or humiliated by my socioeconomic status. I have no reason to feel like I am loosing my noble origins by sharing in the lives of the most vulnerable and oppressed. I firmly believe that the conquest also gave us the best of two cultures: I could see us as the horse-jaguar warriors, in both cultures the ink that wrote some of the greatest pages in history. It is time to write a new beginning, with the same courage and determination that our ancestors left us.

[1] The way that indigenous communities used to call foreigners.

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