A 5-your night flight, and I am back to magnificent and destructive LA. 

I truly love and hate all these night flights. Yes, it saves your time for travel. But also yes, it sucks your energy out and as you need to keep awake – gives you swarm of thoughts that usually tear the head apart. 

Here are some flashes from yesterday. 

For one. If only a few years ago if somebody would told me that soon I will move to the US and will travel across this huge country with frequency of once in couple of months – I would probably, to put it mildly, be confused. I never planned any of all that. 

For two. It is always a bit odd to go back again to the place I have already been as a tourist once. It gives a strong feeling of familiarity, but this familiarity is also very distant. Because it is not your city and you never know which side, depending on time, weather, and area you ended up occasionally, it will show you.

For three. When all these frequent travels and returns to foreign cities combine, it lead to one more thing. Before coming to the US I knew so little about this country, but at the same time so much – from all those books and movies I used to read/watch as a kid. Almost every day I am going through some kind of distorted déjà vu – when you see something crazy familiar but you definitely know that you have never experienced it. So lack of particular knowledge, stereotypes and cliche from the Hollywood cinema created in my head a strange bubble that have nothing and at the same time everything to do with the real image of the country I am living in now.