In the ideal world, the term “culturally diverse” could refer to a complexity of interrelated or connected characteristics spanning language, dress, religion, or traditions and customs (Lin 2020). In this endeavor, I am obliged to be self-aware and accommodate the differing individual or collective views that may or may not provide a stark setting or skills related to the individual’s or collective’s backgrounds that are the basis of organizational culture.

In order to thrive and actually grow in this drastically changing world where remote work has gained so much currency, I have had to adapt more rapidly to the diversity of the culture within the organization. Working outside the traditional work environment and hours, I have navigated this terrain by opening up to learning as much as I can to acquire knowledge not only related to work but also various social contexts, norms, or groups, and this resource here was helpful. This has enabled me to focus on understanding the role that culture plays in attribute formation and expression of psychological behaviors in the implementation of my work.

Being open-minded and understanding beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, practices, and norms has made it feasible for cross-cultural communication to flourish in the execution of our work. It has contributed to a healthy working environment where I feel likean integral part of the team. I have come to realize, reciprocate respect, and value all beliefs within the organization which has been an anchor to finding my feet at One To World, an organization that works to foster intercultural understanding between K-12 youth, Fulbright grantees, scholars, and international students in the New York metro area. Learn more about OTW here.

Since we are all social beings, our personal prejudices are cast aside as we at One To World strive to provide social and cultural competency skills to international, Fulbright, and K-12 students in the New York area. As an international exchange visitor myself through the Atlas Corps fellowship, I have a lot to learn and share in this journey as I find my feet and establish my place in this global village we now live in.