The last week of September was a promising time for the humanity at the New York when volunteers, activist, professionals and leaders of the states from around the globe gathered to commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a Post 2015 Agenda. The Social Good Summit – 92 Y was one such event that Atlas Corpse gave us; the fellows to be at and listen & learn from the experiences of global ambassadors like Charlize Theron and Helen Clark (technology and innovation in Development) and Kajal (hand washing & hygiene). Their commitment, experiences and vision to meeting the challenge of 2030 NOW as the slogan for SDG’s was worth taking and pursuing for a better world.


The primary theme of the even was embedding and employing technology and innovation in working towards and achieving the SDGs as the goals set for the coming 15 years requires more human resources, human and humanitarian commitments and above all, more financial resources, all of which can be achieved in reaching the targeted populations across the globe through technology.. The great Hollywood actress, Charlize Theron discussed the importance of technology in achieving the SDGs by reaching populations. The actress has been part of the Social Good Summit since last years as it started and plays a key role on advocating for the use of technology and innovation in service of development of populations across the globe.


Charlize Theron Hollywood Actress

Helen Clark; the Administrator at the United Nations Development Programme stressed on the need for employing technology in engaging boys and girls towards sensitization and engagement in achieving the SDGs as all the goals are for the youth to adopt and move ahead with using their energies and efforts in ensuring the SDGs are met. Engagement of the youth is indeed imperative to having longing results of the activities and goals intended on a global scale and thus the need for employing technology to reaching the youth of the world stays atop of everything.


Helen Clark (Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme)

As in the MDGs the child mortality rates below five due to different factors and diseases has been one of the most key challenges the world committed to reduce / eradicate at the end of MDGs, however due to lack of services, resources and corresponding education in communities, the problem still sustains across the globe. The initiative taken by Life boy / Unilever in India with the Bollywood actress Kajal as their ambassador in sensitizing, educating and advocating for the importance of hand washing as one of the key determining factors in ensuring resistance and fighting against major diseases associated to personal hygiene including diarrhea and other stomach and intestinal related infections. The great initiative moves by investing the same amount of money to the campaign as that donated by people globally which adds to the overall impact of the intervention. The moving video that showed an Indian villager thanking his god that out of all his children, it was the first one to reach the age of five, communicating the message that if appropriate education and facilities    would have been in place, all of his children would have survived.


Kajal UN Ambassador for Water and Sanitation


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