(from my personal perspective) ^_^

  1. White House looks smaller than I thought
  2. You can find a bit of London, Vienna and Paris; is a wonderful mix of European cities.
  3. It feels a little like living in a park…cozy and great city for runners 😉
  4. Free of charge Museums and ZOO…Yayyy (but not all f them :P)
  5. Looks like people here love Air Conditioner…brrrrr
  6. Work Hard, drink harder ( Happy Lovely Hours in each neighborhood) ^_^
  7. Mosquito, Mosquito, Mosquito…..hmm auuch, yeap again mosquiots  😛
  8. An Uber please…(metro is to mainstream)
  9. People will ask you what you do for a living before asking how you’re doing

I have only 23 days here and I’m sure that there are a lot of more fun facts to be explored in this amazing, peaceful city and I can’t wait to make the most of my time by exploring everything that I possibly can!  😀

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