If we compare social media with the ocean, then your social media page/profile is more like a drop of water. Moreover, thousands of new social media pages are being created every hour and the worst part is most of the major social media platforms are reducing organic traffic to increase their ad revenue. Today I will share 8 effective tips that should help you to grow your social media presence.

Know your target audience:

The first task in the process of building social media presence is knowing the target audience. When you will know who your audiences are, what they like, and how they interact it will be easier for you to target and convert them. Effective market research and competitor analysis can help to define the target audience. You should also use Google Analytics to collect demographic data and understand their behavior.

Post on a regular basis:

Consistency is the key to success in the social media game as you will never know what posts will get viral next. According to Hubspot, you should publish a minimum of 3 posts in a week to a maximum of 12 posts. Publishing posts more than that can lead to a 50% engagement drop.

Grow relationship not followers:

Act like a human:

If you follow Netflix’s Facebook posts you should see that they often crack jokes and make memes on them, the audience, and even on the actors and people love it. Even 5 years ago, people thought the voice of social channels should be formal but now brands are preferring a personalized voice to interact with the followers for more traction.

Create engaging content:

Every brand is targeting the same audience. As a result, people will pass if the content is boring. Try to add GIFs, images, videos whenever possible with your posts as people tend to interact more with the visual contents compared to texts.

Balance between informative and selling post:

Some brands tend to publish a lot of selling posts and end up with low engagements. People do not care about your product they care only if you can provide something helpful, something informative, or interesting. The common practice is to publish around 80% informative posts and 20% selling posts. This balance will help to grow your social presence and attract more audiences.  

Move with the trend:

Following the ongoing trend is an important part of building social media presence. Social media managers should know what is happing right now and how they can utilize that when communicating in social channels.

Monitor and analysis the result:

The last but not least important task is monitoring the result and making necessary changes. Social media analytics should help you to understand when your target audiences prefer to stay only and when they interact with the posts more. This should also help to understand what kinds of information/posts they like most.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels