I always keep saying that one of the orientation sessions should be with a bus/metro driver. Understand metro and bus system was one of my main challenges during my first two months here in DC. Usually, I prefer taking the bus; it gives my chance to watch the city and be familiar with the streets. Four months ago, I wrote a status on the Facebook “I am in love with DC bus drivers,” I said that because they are so friendly and helpful.
Usually I take the 74 bus, and I know this bus should be known for most of the fellows; it is the bus that takes you to Channel Square; where more than ten fellows live.
What is more interesting about the 74, the drivers know most of the people especially who take the early buses, they know all the children, and they know where everyone stops. It happens I let off, and I am about to miss my stop when the driver draws me politely. Also, you can know what going on in the city. We spent eight months without TV!! but listing to people in the 74 keep you in the loop, you can know about the coming events, shooting and the big baseball games.
Today I will give you some tips regarding to the 74, so if you live in Channel Square you probably know them.
1- Do not take 8:05 am bus; it is a school bus!! full of children who are so exciting in the morning!!!
2- It is better to stop near the Safeway and walks because you can reach the complex before the bus, believe me.
3- During the winter, do not take the bus from China Town, you can take it from Massachusetts & 5th Street; so you can wait inside the bus.
4- If you take the bus every day, weekly pass is a good saving plan.


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