It was on my way to the Atlas Corps Happy Hour on the dark S Street on a chilly day. A wallet showed up in front of me and I picked it up.

My first reaction was turning back to chase a lady on the phone who just passed by but I couldn’t see her anymore because she walked so fast!
Then I have to open the wallet in my hand, and I was surprised. There were drivers’ license, bank cards, membership cards, and about $100 cash.
She’s turning into 67 years old in December as her driver’s license indicates; she likes reading because she got a readers’ club card; she loves drinking coffee because she has a Starbucks membership card. Christopher must be her loved one since she got his membership cards as well. She has a Smartrip paper card which means she’s visiting DC. I just wish she’s not leaving tomorrow!
I started to call her banks. It turns out that all banks are not allowed to give customers’ contact information nor outreach calls. Then I googled her. She was the chairman of a foundation, which made me more excited. Then I found her phone number in Phoenix. Of course she’s not there, but I also called and left her voice mail.
Then I searched in Facebook. And I finally found her! As well as Christopher, her husband, his son, and her daughter in law. I left messages to all of them, trying to get the good news reached to her as fast as I could.
The next morning I received her message! She was told by his son. She even didn’t realize that her wallet was lost!
That’s another me! I always got my lost things back by strangers before realizing that I have lost them. It’s my turn to pass this kindness to others.
When I met her, she told me that she gave one of her kidney to her friend who needed one. I know that kindness comes back.
Thanks Facebook and Google for the connection. The leak of personal information online is not always a bad thing. It can help you sometimes.
I will keep walking in DC, and searching and researching! Hope you will do it too!

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