Our time is limited but not the tasks to complete. The use of a few tools can not only make us fast but also efficient. Today I will take about 6 software that you will need to work efficiently as a marketing or communication fellow.

Communication – Slack: Slack is an all-in-one communication tool that can make your fellowship much easier. While working as a marketing fellow it is very likely to get lost with thousands of emails from colleagues, partners, and other stakeholders. Most probably you will find your host organization to use slack too as it is one of the most growing communication tools. Apart from messaging Slack can also be integrated with other platforms such as Dropbox, Asana, Trello, Google Drive, etc.  Therefore, it is a good idea to learn how to use Slack effectively before starting the fellowship.

CRM – HubSpot: CRM stands for Customer Relationship management. When Slack is created to make your internal communication easier a CRM tool such as HubSpot can make your external communication hassle-free. With HubSpot CRM you can track every email and manage every lead. You can also run email marketing campaigns, ad campaigns and check the analytics inside the platform. They also have a solution designed for small nonprofit organizations with 500 integrated software and up to 40% discounts.

Analytics – Google Analytics: As a marketing fellow you will need to run Google Ad, Social Media Campaign, Email Campaign, etc. and each of these platforms has its own analytics to show you the result. But how will you track the performance when visitors will be transferred to your host organization’s website? Here Google Analytics can be your Savior. Through Google Analytics you can check even real-time data such as who is visiting the website, which web page is being visited, and which device is being used. By setting campaign goals you can measure the end performance of every campaign. Google Analytics also enables us to see traffic quantity coming from each platform separately.

Social Media Management – Buffer: Every Social Media platform has native social media schedulers and analytics. It can be time-consuming to schedule all posts separately on those platforms and check the analytics one by one. Buffer can help to schedule all social posts and check analytics in one platform. You can also reply to comments fast and increase the overall engagement using it.

Design – Canva: Canva is one of the most sophisticated design tools with thousands of design elements and stock photos. In Canva you can not only design something but also post it on social media. All features are drag and drop which means no coding knowledge is required. With Canva you can create engaging content within a few minutes and share it with team members. Not only that, but Canva also allows users to create cool animated videos and presentations with few clicks.

Email – Mailchimp: Among all online marketing forms email marketing is the cheapest but can be really complicated sometimes. Fortunately, Mailchimp is affordable and provide all the features you will ever need from useful report, automation to sending postcards to each user. It also helps to post on social channels while sending emails. The automation feature helps to track every user’s action and set up an email based on it.

Thumbnail Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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