Ok, we are in the fellowship and we need to explore as much as possible and attend events, see places and also travel whenever possible. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. Let me share my experiences with you of my 7 months fellowship so far.

First two months: it feels weird if you are here for the first time in the US and starting to work. The first two months are getting to know what fellowship actually means, fellows who are in the program and also your host organization. You deal with a lot of cultural shocks, rapid change, and adaptation and also starting from ‘zero’ again. Yes, you heard that right. No matter you are CEO, Director, and Manager back in your country, on fellowship, you are starting it from the ground. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything but it takes time for you to use your existing skills and experiences and enhance it in the wider setting.

Second two months: You go to a lot of events, experience food, culture, and travel as well (If you are smart) and yes, you are full on exploring and adapting and also adjusting yourself. Events, events, events that is what second 2 months is all about as you need to figure out what it is to be in the US and also you want to connect to people and organizations. If you haven’t done this then you are late.

Third two months: You know what your priorities are. So you don’t go to a lot of events as you know not all of them are useful. You have prioritized event son your calendar. By this time, you have also figured out the list of your skills that you can use in your current host organization and list of things that you want to learn or enhance it. You know what you have gained so far and you have to be very specific about what you want to achieve in rest of the fellowship.

Nilima and Mariam sharing the stage as Emcee at the Atlas Corps Gala

Sharing the stage as Emcee with awesome Mariam at the Atlas Corps Gala

Voila! Your first 6 month is successful now. Let me share my rest of the 6 months by the end of my 1-year fellowship.