People initially enjoyed the idea of working from home and took it as an opportunity to pass some quality time with family and friends. Over time, work from home has raised some complications as some people think they are working literally the whole day! Today I will share 5 tips that will help to increase productivity and maintain a work-life balance while working from home.

Use Sticky Notes to list daily tasks: Working from home sometimes can be difficult if the working environment is not pleasant. Moreover, noise pollution from the road traffic, construction site or child playground can make the situation worse and affect our concentration badly. Besides, the flexibility of using social channels when working can also harm productivity. Therefore, using sticky notes to list daily tasks can not only help us to complete the work on time but also see which project needs to be finished first.

Maintain work-life balance: It is also common to be engaged with other responsibilities in the working hours when working from home. As a result, they need to complete those due projects after working hours which can hamper both social and family life. It is necessary to maintain 9 am to 5 pm working hours just like the normal time to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Take breaks: It is OK to feel bored while working from home. Take a break and may have a cup of coffee after working few hours. Such a happy break can refresh our minds and give us the necessary energy to start work again.

Do not forget morning walk/running: Working from home is confining us into a small desk. Lack of movement can lead to obesity and cause different diseases. Moreover, an inactive person can feel sleepy during working hours and end up with low productivity. Running 30 minutes or walking for 60 minutes in the morning can help to avoid all the issues I just mentioned. Some people also tend to walk/run 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes again in the evening if they are too busy in the morning.

Use technology effectively: Initially, no one thought working from home can last so long. Now it seems like we will need to wait a couple of more years to go back to normal life again. Using the right technology can make things much easier. The use of Slack, WhatsApp, and Hangout can make communication smooth with colleagues. Besides Google Calendar, MS office, Miro, Zoom, Asana, etc. can be utilized to save time and escalate productivity.

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