This time We will be talking about Mindsets of people. Starting from the basics, there are two categories of basic mindsets Growth and Fixed Mindset. Growth mindsets has the ability and believe to learn, improve and grow to accomplish great things. On the other hand, people with fixed mindset frustrate themselves to achieve their dreams but they believe that their capabilities and talents are stagnant.

There are four types of mindsets and at the end you should be able to decide what mindset is yours? E, S, B, I. Firstly, E is an employee mindset; this person would be risk averse, feeling safe, try to remain in the comfort zone, looking for job security, time trade. Secondly, S is a self-employment mindset; these people do not like taking orders from bosses. They will starting doing a job but after a certain period of time they will be frustrated and start doing the same thing of their own. You can find these people in almost every profession, e.g. a person working for an accountancy firm will start their own firm after a certain period of time. Why? It’s not because they cannot perform or they have a fear of commitment but they cannot take orders from their bosses and they are their own boss so it is a mindset type. It can be at any scale small, medium or large, it is possible that a Lawyer is an Employee in a Law Firm (type E) and others have their own Law chamber (type S), they can also be called Freelancers. Mostly, they cannot follow someone but they only follow if they see their own learning in something. They are not dependent on anyone, they want to do everything by themselves, and their personality does not allow them to grow. They can shift and grow but if they do so then it will be a team and this will change their mindset type to B which is business but it is rarely possible.

Thirdly, I will discuss about B mindset which is Business Mindset, this mindset has the potential to understand the mechanism of Human Resource and its importance. People with B mindset has the ability to judge what and how a person can do a certain task, e.g. If you need to get a work done efficiently and effectively by a person, first you need to understand the person for maximum output, you need to know the key to a person. A leader has a quality to hire, make a team and build up something. Lastly, I mindset which is known as an Investor, who does not use or utilize something of their own instead they just do investments and increase their share percentage. They do not like to work but they want to multiply wealth and money so what they do is calculate returns and make investments. They love freedom and don’t work, they want passive income (e.g. rental income, real estate, shareholdings, dividends etc.)

In a nutshell, I have explained the mindsets which we can see around us in everyday life but these mindsets can be changed and they do change. As explained earlier if basic type of mindset is a Growth mindset that can change and shift from E to S, S to B, B to I.