Let me start by saying, what an experience…challenging and exhausting yet exciting.
Started 4 month ago with this amazing organization/media center which works with people experiencing homelessness and formally homeless. Since this is my first time ever to directly deal with homeless I was a little bit nervous when I started, but I knew I will build a good connection with them. Sometimes I break the rules because I feel they want just to chat, they want a person they can talk to, not as a supervisor or a manager. I feel sad from the stories but sometimes they are full of achievement and motivation.

“I can proudly say I see the Impact of our work in the organization”.
A women who was homeless for some time, shared her story of how she found herself and her husband in the streets without a shelter and Street Sense helped her to pay for a one bed apartment, “I take it as a full time job” she said.
So now everyone must be wondering what is Street Sense?

Street Sense mission is to provide economic opportunities to people experiencing homelessness; SS produces bi weekly newspaper and also conducts workshops such as photography, writers group, theater, film co-op, and other.
Vendors (homeless and formerly homeless individuals) purchase the newspaper for 50 cents and sell it for suggested donation $2. The newspaper feature articles and poem about poverty and homelessness, about 50% of the articles are written by homeless and formerly homeless people. This newspaper is for the community by homeless individuals. They write with passion and honesty, it represents them

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