All that you will read below (if you will, of course!) was crafted together during long trips in buses and planes. All lingual mistakes were carefully planned (probably! but not for sure). All thoughts are on the same topic “what is the US about?” because these “excavations” can last forever.

[I.] “I am writing this, sitting in the bus CA – NV and thinking of what I have seen for the past four days.

Here is the list.

LA is the city of everything that has a connection to the word “extravaganza”. It is the city where teenagers skateboarding in haute couture, where every second car costs a few million dollars, where exist restaurants solely for dogs, and where shopping malls re-create the atmosphere of the roaring 1920s.

And yet…

LA is the city where street vendors sell dead golden fishes, live hamsters, huge speakers in the shapes of red dogs, pig sculptures, and hundred and one dishes made of cactus.

LA is the city where big fried ducks are being sold in “food to go”, and where aged Chinese men are living in no less aged “KIAs”.

LA is the city of freaks and madmen: here they are hitting the air around, sleeping the tents that smell like animals` cages and getting annoyed by the fact that around are people similar to them.

 LA is the most inconsistent place out of what I have seen.”

[II.] “If LA is inconsistent then Las Vegas is shallow. But this “planeness” is so very motley that one can start feeling dizziness.

Here in just one day you can take a walk in Japanese botanical garden, crunch baguette with whipped butter right under the Eiffel Tower, peek at the Baghdad market, and get a cone of blackberry gelato on Piazza San Marco.

Just do not look at the details, because if you will then suddenly it may turn out that the old street tiles are made of varnished concrete, the columns are made of plastic, and the frescoes are nothing but the print on wallpapers.

Potemkin village, soap bubble, mirage… call it what you want, but for any American this is the personification of a dream: famous “American dream” worth trouble to spend thousands of dollars just in a second by a zombic pressing the button of the machines in local casinos.”