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A brand is more than a logo, slogan, or name. A brand is an overall identity of an organization, or in our case, a global community. The Atlas Corps brand represents our values, our successes, and our vision for the world. Our brand is linked with our mission—promoting global service leadership among professionals from around the world, advancing innovation, and strengthening organizations through long-term service from diverse professionals.


Our name, Atlas Corps, is inspired by Greek mythology and the United States service institutions. Our name represents our dedication to creating a global community of leaders committed to serving the entire world.

  • Atlas, is from the character in Greek mythology named Atlas. Atlas was the brother of Prometheus and was punished by Zeus to bear the weight of the heavens on his back. In popular western culture, Atlas has been depicted as a strong individual who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Atlas Corps Fellows carry the weight of the world on their shoulders as well, committed to living a life of service, committed to serving the entire world.
  • Corps, refers to a group of people serving together. Unlike the mythical Atlas, Fellows are not in this alone and have joined a community of people who share the burden and the opportunity of global service leadership. This words is also a reference to the U.S. Peace Corps, started by President Kennedy in 1961 and AmeriCorps, started by President Clinton in 1992. The Peace Corps is a community of U.S. citizens who have committed two years of their lives to serve overseas and AmeriCorps is a community of U.S. citizens who engage in domestic service.

Atlas Corps Logo

  • The Atlas Corps logo is an upside down earth, representing how the traditional view where “the global north” is on top of the “global south” is a mistaken view of the world. By inverting such a well-known image, the logo challenges the viewer to look at the world in a different way.

Atlas Corps Slogan 

  • “Change Your Perspective. Change the World.”     This slogan encourages Fellows, and all those who view the logo, to challenge their previously held stereotypes. The tag line teaches the viewer that before one can change the world, one needs to broaden their perspective and understand those who are different from them. To be effective agents for change, one needs to understand change from different points of view.

Atlas Corps Slogan

*Special thank you to Atlas Corps Alum, Tito Spinola (Spain, Class 7, Host: Habitat for Humanity), who is the creative inspiration behind our revised logo.

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