$30 Dinner Party: Tapas

On this episode of $30 Dinner Party, we’re headed Park Slope in Brooklyn to meet Zaneta, a teaching fellow and student, who has lived abroad in Spain in the past. She is looking to throw a dinner party for her friends that's as budget conscious as it is worldly.

Posted by Thrillist: No Leftovers on Monday, April 2, 2018

Living on a budget is one of the key components of the fellow experience and, although the stipend is meant to cover food, it can be hard to make it stretch for to food that is delicious and interesting as well as simply filling – believe me, after that rent check hits there are a lot of beans for dinner days!

As a result, one of the things that was the hardest for me to adjust to once I started the fellowship was to cut back on entertaining. Hospitality and feeding people is a huge part of my culture but when you have to do some strategic coupon clipping just to feed yourself, trying to figure out how to also cater a party for your friends becomes too difficult to consider.

That’s why, when I heard about Thrillist’s $30 Dinner Party series I was so excited – at last here were some tips for how to entertain on a budget without compromising on quality or taste.

I had an absolute blast filming the show and learning from Lee, I can honestly say that all of the recipes were incredible and they’re dishes I have cooked since and will continue to cook again. I really was impressed by how much the Lee and the Thrillist producers managed to get out of just $30 and it’s definitely inspired invite people more often to enjoy not just the tapas feast we cooked up on my episode, but also lots of the other excellent recipes like the steak, tacos and gumbo that have been featured on the series.

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