It’s 3 PM on the East Coast. Energy may be low. So, here is your afternoon jolt – PHILANTHROPY POWER HOUR WITH ATLAS CORPS!!!   The Challenge: Recruit 100 individuals to give $10. The Reward: $1,000 in donations and the chance at a $1,000 BONUS Are you ready to accept the challenge?!   Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Give $10 to Atlas Corps! 10. “It’s a Small World” plays in our office everyday….OK, that would be a little annoying. So, we just live it everyday through our growing network of 100 Fellows from 30 countries (and an additional professionals from 150 countries apply!) 9. “The Atlas Corps Fellowship program is one of the best fellowship programs for mid-level non-profit professionals from all over the world aimed at bringing young leaders from other countries to the US to learn and share their knowledge and services with American collegues and providing excellent opportunities for US citizens to serve in other countries, to share culture, experience, knowledge, and the last, not least, to support young professionals to become worldwide leaders and serve their communities. I am one of the fellows of 2010 and I strongly believe that this opportunity gives young people good responsibilities to gain best knowledge on development and strategizing of the democracy.” -Sherzodbek (Class 5, Uzbekistan) 8. With one donation, you can invest in DC while also supporting Uganda, Nepal, Colombia…and more (our Fellows are from 30 unique countries) 7. “The Atlas Corps model of professional exchange is one of the most innovative exchange programs with which I have worked. It provides terrific partnership opportunities, from which all parties gain knowledge and valuable experience.”  -Ambassador Maura Harty, former Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs and current Senior Policy Director, Koons Family Institute for International Law and Policy 6. A South Korean, Filipino, Nepalese, and Nigerian walk into a room…..really, it’s not a joke. It’s everyday at Atlas Corps (check out that photo)! 5. “Your work is inspiring and life-changing for many who have an opportunity to participate in the Atlas Corps programme.” — Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, General Secretary of the World YWCA 4.  In 2012, Atlas Corps plans to expand to at least 1 additional Host country and 2 new Host cities (adding to the USA and Colombia). 3. Our 12 to 18 month Fellowship is a comprehensive learning journey. Fellows become engaged in their Host Organization, involved in their local communities, and then bring it all home! 2. “As an Atlas Corps Fellow in the United States, I witnessed first hand how younger Americans may not have immediately translated perceived “international” issues as valuable to domestic policy. This concept was most evident when I presented at a human trafficking conference in Nebraska. There I was, in America’s heartland providing an Indian perspective on human trafficking…a perspective that is relative in all parts of the world. It was amazing how such dialogue facilitated immediate accessibility. -Pinky Pradhan (Class 3, India) 1. 100& of your contribution directly supports our Fellows. That’s right, you are investing in a social entrepreneur from India, a youth development expert from Costa Rica, and a HIV/AIDS specialist from Ethiopia…pretty amazing for just $10, right?! Get involved. Invest in global leaders. Join the Atlas Corps Philanthropy Power Hour from 3-4 PM on November 9, 2011!!! Thanks!

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