While I was serving at Stanford University, my boss hooked me up with a great lady who also works at Stanford called Susan Austin.

Susan and her family knew that I was Atlas Corps fellow they also knew about my housing struggle and because they have the warmest heart and the spirit of being socially responsible they offered me their son’s room for let’s say 1/3 of the usual price. I couldn’t believe myself when they offered me the room, and they lived only 3 miles from Stanford, plus Susan and her Husband Kern both worked at Stanford! and that meant I was always welcomed to go with them at their car 🙂

Once I moved there I found that Susan is vegetarian, and I kind of had to become vegetarian too because of the lack of halal meat at Palo Alto, but the bright side about that is; Susan and Kern are amazing cooks!! they make their own bread, noodles, and cakes!! and I was lucky to enjoy all the delicious food they make almost every day with a fancy almond cake with a scope of homemade ice cream as a dessert!!  Can you imagine that!!


That wasn’t everything, that amazing family became literally my family in the US, they invited me to their Thanksgiving lunch and asked me to invite other friends too ( so I invited 3 Atlas fellows with me ).







They also throw me a surprise birthday party and made me my favorite birthday cake and LASNGIA!!



And because they have big hearts, they also have this family tradition, which to make a huge amount of sweets and send Christmas sweets plate to their friends and family members, and I had the chance to help to make some 🙂









Of course, I was also invited to their Christmas family branch, and can you believe that they also got me gifts too !!!










In Jan 2018, unfortunately, I had to move from Austin- King warm house to cold SF because I was so tired of all the Caltrain trips I had to take every week either for work or to meet with my friends! But this didn’t stop us from staying in touch and meet regularly.

To my surprise, Susan decided to throw me a baby shower party too and she invited all my friends, my boss, and colleges ( yes yes I was pregnant with a baby girl!!)  Again could you believe that!! That was so unexpected!! and the party was AMAZING!!

I Can’t be grateful enough for this family, they really made me feel like I have a home and family in California that I can go too and count on whenever I needed.

Love you Austin-King xx

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