Social media is changing the world and we are witnessing it…

Today’s reality is somewhat different from what people were used to living years ago; nowadays half of our life, if not the majority of the time we spend in some virtual world. My personal opinion is that is has its good and bad aspects – on one hand, social life keeps people isolated and distracted, but on the other –  it brakes the obstacles of space and time, and gives people more freedom and courage to express themselves.

I want to believe that the three days in September spent at Social Good Summit will connect more people, more organizations and more devices! The individuals have immense power and once united or better to say connected, the power will be greater and more concentrated on addressing the issues in education, climate change, health, women and many-many more. Social Good Summit brought together people from business, non-profit sector, politicians, bloggers, everyone who was and is interested and inspired to create meaningful relations by sharing their experience, life stories and ideas. Most importantly, they all are active users of social media, and as it was mentioned in one of the sessions “all platforms were created to make us listen to each other”. So, all we need is to make the best use of simple cell phone and social media, and do good! Nowadays we don’t need to travel miles to bring changes to people’s lives or communities, now we have the tools and it’s really amazing how much can be changed with a photo, text, tweet or a post.

The title, Social Good Summit speaks for itself: social because it is for all and from all, good because we’re doing good, positive and useful, and summit, because it’s brings together important people and everyone is really important!

My biggest hope and desire is to see the changes and the problems solved long before 2030, to see it NOW. I strongly believe it’s possible because I saw the energy, inspiration and enthusiasm that existed at the summit, and it is the strongest positive power that can move the mountains!

P.S. My personal moment of pride was when Yerevan, Armenia joined the Social Good Summit online! Small country making big changes! Yes!




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