Wonderful experience that I had the pleasure this year to organize the 4th annual American Express Leadership Academy Global Alumni Summit on April 16 & 17 ,2018 was held in New York City where social purpose leaders from around the world together across 4 continents as well as representatives from the 20 partners This year’s summit entitled “ Leadership in times of transition”.

However, The event was broken into several sessions included workshops, conversation with Tim McClimon, President of the American Express Foundation and Livestream conversations about leadership during times of transition with Angela Fernandez, Esq. Executive Director at the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights & Dan Parks, Managing Editor, Chronicle of Philanthropy. My experience working in such project from Alumni selection process, logistics, and speakers helped to develop and strengthen my skills as emerging leader and It was a unique opportunity to interact and network with social leaders to exchange and share knowledge in how to build bridges in terms of social innovation home country and social innovation in the world.

Last, not least, Julie Smith, Alumni Task Force lead and Director and Coach,Pressurevalve, and I led a very productive brainstorming session to help strengthen the alumni network #amexleads! I am very thankful and grateful to American express, Atlas Corps, Amex Alumni task force members and sparkAction who believed in me and supported me along the way and make it happen.

I would like to share the quote about transformational change within an organization:

“Companies that change may survive, but companies that transform thrive. Change brings incremental or small-scale adaptations, while transformation brings great improvements that ripple through the future of an organization. – Nick Candito

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