When you have a mindset to grab a learning and networking opportunities in one-year fellowship, but sometimes you back off because of open-ended questions usually asked by organizations. This post will help you to get an idea of how to showcase your interest. I got a chance to attend the 2018 NEXUS Global Summit by using below sentence structure.

Why do you want to attend the 2018 NEXUS Global Summit?

I am working as _____________ Fellow at ______________ under the Atlas Corps Fellowship Program. The NEXUS Global Summit 2018 workshop is directly related to my past experience that I gained at the international non-profit in [country name]. I would like to further groom my knowledge and skills in impact evaluation from the global perspective as this will help me a lot when I will return back to my country. After completion of my current fellowship with Atlas Corps, I will return to my country and use the impact evaluation tools and techniques for the strengthening of the non-profit sector especially focusing on social enterprise development. I will share my learning with other Atlas Corps fellows in the US via conducting sessions on impact evaluation for SGDs. My five-year plan is to work as a consultant for the development sector, thereby, I will build the capacity of research, monitoring and evaluation personnel at several forums across the globe.

I want to attend NEXUS Global Summit 2018 because of two reasons. First, I am working on an entrepreneurial ecosystem model for developing countries especially [country name] where the utmost need to connect the micro, small and medium enterprise network to build a small business economy. Second, I am passionate to interact with global impact leaders to discuss the idea of small business economy in connection with designing the new framework for corporations to promote businesses using a new philosophical concept of “Shared Value” for social impact. Being Atlas Corps fellow, this will be a great opportunity for me to work with the international production team and groom my management and communication skills. Although, I am new fellow from [class #] and selection will be very competitive but I am sure that you will find me energetic, interactive and flexible person in a team in order to complete my assigned task within timelines.

Explain your past volunteer experience at events or conferences AND why you are interested in this Production Team role?

My recent volunteer work experience was with [name of organization] to organize the launch of [name of 1st program] where my key role is to look after the invites, keep in touch with guests, follow up and ensure that they will attend the event. I was also part of the organizing committee of [name of 2nd program] in [name of country]. I also enjoyed my role as an emcee for the alumni event of [name of organization] in [year]. I am also interested to continue my volunteer work experience in the U.S. because of this is a unique way to learn leadership and management skills by completing short assignments. On a personal note, I like to accept challenges and always passionate to look for some new work where I can get a chance to learn smart skills. To be part of the production team at NEXUS Global Summit, I will gain experience working with team members from different parts of the world which will be new things for me.

Please share any connections or collaborations that were catalyzed in past conferences or events you’ve attended AND your plan for connecting and collaborating with others for NEXUS Global.

During the launch of [name of 1st program], I met with owners of small and medium enterprises and got chance to motivate them to attend the 100 credit hours of the technical entrepreneurial training program to scale-up their businesses. The final selection of 30 potential entrepreneurs was finalized and started work on designing the competitive business model. I am still in follow up with those entrepreneurs and supporting them in order to conduct the market intelligence surveys and strategic planning. Considering my past volunteer experience, I am still looking for the same kind of opportunities in the US especially focusing on the social entrepreneurial network where all entrepreneurs will put their joint efforts for the sake of business and social benefits. I can be a potential source for the participants of NEXUS Global Summit if they are looking for a connection in the [name of continent or country] market.

Please describe in more detail how you’ve researched your funding options.

I have done my research on budgeting and expenses. My first priority is to stay with Atlas Corps fellow in NY for a couple of nights and in exchange, I will offer my room to fellow whenever he/she wants to stay in DC for any future event. I can also find host from Couchsurfing as well which I have experienced during my international travel. For food, I will take some food stuff like cookies, juices, etc. from DC to save money. If I will be selected as a volunteer for summit than I will prefer to buy bus tick 4-weeks before travel which will cost me less than $40. I would prefer to get funds from Atlas for the bus ticket if not then I will use my stipend to cover this cost. On a personal note, I don’t want to miss this opportunity which is $1,250 value. I believe that “there’s an opportunity cost to everything” and I am ready to bear the cost.


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